In This Air — Dave Fischoff

I’ve developed a strange habit. When I’m riding the bus I’ve tended to listen to the same song on repeat the whole ride, as if looped chords somehow stops time as I travel and the bus ride flies by in seconds instead of minutes. Of course it doesn’t really, but it does feel as though it hits ‘pause’ on my mind and for a moment my mind is free of thought. For those twenty minutes in the morning and evening the endless loop of Dave Fischoff clears my mind and gives me twenty minutes outside of time.

Sometimes, though, I board the bus with my ears open and uncovered (usually when I’ve forgotten to charge my iPod.) It’s these times that can more interesting if I’m in the mood. The bus rumbles along in its deep raspy voice. It vibrates, shudders, spurts forwards, tremelo weaving through traffic, accompanied by its own internal orchestra of voices. Alternately tacet and fortissimo (those loud women on their mobile phones), the orchestra lifts the double bass of bus, gliding along a river clogged with plenty of debris, slowing the flow to a trickle.

Reaching my part of the shore, I disembark and begin the short walk from the bus stop to my office building to begin the daily grind.

Pieces about my life and other thoughts, for better or for worse. Mostly for worse.