Week 1

It’s been one week since I moved back to Los Angeles, and really, everything is going swimmingly. I am getting along with my new roommates, I am proving my worth at my new job, I’m reconnecting with old friends, I’m getting the transit system down, and I’m continuing my good mood and emotional stability. It is as if, as one of my therapists has said, that I live a ‘charmed life.’

Yes, I might have to agree with that. Everything in these past six months has turned out well. Even everything before that didn’t lead to anything incredibly severe, besides the panic attacks (which have completely vanished) and perhaps spending a bit too much money on alcohol. But on the whole, many things in my life just seem to be going right. I’ve always maintained that I’m just not very lucky, but I might have to change my stance on that.

The basic rundown of this week has been fairly simple. Move in, unpack a little, meet up with friends, unpack a little more, sleep, go to work, meet up with friends, repeat repeat repeat. Which is fine with me. I’m enjoying the basic qualities of my routine so far. Going to a new job in a new office (with a fantastic view) and just getting settled again into my adoptive city is really quite comforting.

Someone welcomed me back to LA with these words: “May LA again be all the things you missed and also open herself to discover surprises you never knew she held.”

I think I shall pursue that.

Charmed. Perhaps.


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